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Norma Cahill

in conversation with Sue Poole
If you can count five friends, you have riches indeed!

When Norma Cahill opens the ‘book of memories’ in her head, she is transported back to the times in her life which gave her the most happiness and contentment. Her book of memories, as she likes to think of it, is so clear that she can find people’s faces, remember events, recall music, and enjoy wonderful art and paintings, simply by turning the ‘pages’. Norma’s eyesight is not as it once was, so she sets great store in her memories. No longer able to read or watch television, Norma’s book can be opened at any page to reveal a wealth of memories which stand her in good stead for a quiet reverie. She was born Norma Dorothea, on November 22, 1930, the third daughter of Violet Vera Wagstaff, whose family came from South Melbourne, and Raymond Frederick Reed, whose family had arrived in Bendigo, from England, during the Gold Rush.

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